Design & Art Direction

Red Bull Air Race


Kastner & Partners was requested by Red Bull to create out of home concepts to help promote the NYC Air Race event. These mockups show a variety of concepts and ideas that would take over the city of NYC to create awareness and excitement around the upcoming event.


To let the city know that the Air Race was coming their way, billboards were transformed into gates for Red Bull ace pilots to fly through.


There was no media more fitting to promote Red Bull Air Race than barf bags. So we used them as flyers to advertise the event, leaving them in cabs and on benches around the city.


We created signs that showcased some basic rules (or lack thereof) for flying the Air Race and placed them at busy intersections throughout the city.


We proposed partnering with street artist Joshua Allen Harris to create pylon advertisements that would rise up and down through subway wind gusts. Reference: Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters