Design & Art Direction

Ultimate Quest



Although NVIDIA was launching a new product designed for gamers, the perception of their brand was that they make graphics cards. We shifted this perception by going back to the roots of gaming and creating the Ultimate Quest, a tweet-based text adventure that blends surprise challenges, beautifully-crafted imagery, and intricate storytelling into a unique social gameplay experiment.

To bring our vision to life, we partnered with internationally renowned interactive fiction writer Emily Short and game concept artist Silvio Aebischer to build a dark sci-fi journey that sent players on a winding trek through a bizarre cyberpunk world full of intrigue and conflict.


We kicked off the campaign by announcing a mysterious teaser video that enticed the community.


The site featured 5 episodes of gameplay, set on top of stunning illustrations that paint the scene.


Each episode of the game featured beautifully illustrated background art that set the mood for gameplay. Each piece shows off the power of NVIDIA as a a visual computing company, and even includes easter eggs that reference the brand's history. 


Episode 1: Acceleration - Factory Setting

Episode 2: Cypher of Fire - Stage setting