Design & Art Direction

Silent Circle


The Blackphone was listed by Time Magazine as a top 25 invention in 2014, and it served its purpose of being a smartphone that put privacy first. But we wanted to create a product that delivered privacy without compromise. What began as a few software updates to the phone turned into an entire rebrand covering identity, digital product design, print, hardware, packaging, and event design.


Case study video summarizing our work.


We started by redesigning the logo and choosing fonts.


We then continued to build a comprehensive brand guideline that covered typography, color palette, logo usage, app guidelines and photography.


Initial set of UI icons included on the device.


We reduced the onboarding experience of the phone from 5 hours to five minutes through an overhauled UX.
This UI animation shows the redesigned flow, designed to follow Material Design standards.


We completely redesigned the Security Center, the heart of security on the Blackphone.


We updated the Security Center to include a Privacy Meter - a prioritized list of tasks centered around making each Blackphone 2 more private. This really put privacy in the hands of our people - enabling them to quickly and easily keep their devices as secure as possible.


We created a custom boot sequence for the phone. The concept was to show and then hide the complexity that exists within the phone, reinforcing the concept of privacy without compromise.


The business card design utilized the brand elements to create a minimal and clean aesthetic.


We designed a trade show booth to launch the Blackphone 2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The booth was created in partnership with George P. Johnson in London, and featured a prominent neon anamorphic projection "B" designed to attract people to demo our products within the booth. The downstairs area was open to showcase products and a gigantic LED screen - while the upstairs was a quiet meeting area designed for private investor meetings.