While at Big Spaceship, I had the opportunity to design and animate various elements to be included in the Nike Airmax 360 site. As the user entered different combinations of keyboard keys, they would be treated to a number of different visualizations that matched the theme of Running on Air. 


This poster took Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and integrated the tenet "keep dreaming" seamlessly into the gorgeous environment built with Autodesk technology. 

Thomas Edison said "'I have not failed. I've just found 10000 ways that won't work." This is the same philosophy that Mercedes adopted to create their Biome concept car entirely with Autodesk technology.

This poster took the lead character from Rango and used him to show the incredible detail made possible from Autodesk technology.

Since each employee embodies the same tenets and traits of the brand, we took the key visuals of the campaign and made them integrated into all staff business cards.

The iconic Chicago Bean sculpture, which was designed with the help of Autodesk, became the canvas for a unique installation. Scattered physical type around the park unified into a clear message when bystanders stood in just the right spot.