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Experimental, Product Design

We wanted a way for new hires at AKQA to get to know each other and the city of San Francisco. This led us to creating Pilot - a tandem bicycle that helps new starters at AKQA find new places and meet new friends.

What started as an idea in the sketchbook became a reality when we found the perfect vintage Schwinn Town & Country tandem for sale in Marin county. We rigged up a Raspberry Pi with onboard wifi, and gave the thing a new paintjob and Brooks saddles to boot.

Using built-in GPS, Pilot directs its riders to an undisclosed location by signaling left and right turns via haptic signals and LED lights built into the bike’s handlebars.
After the ride, the app shows the final destination, the route taken to get there and gives riders a voucher to spend with their new found friend.